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Tornado Safe Tornado Shelters

TornadoSafe is dedicated to quality and excellence starting with our design and manufacturing process and ending with the best installation process in the industry. We manufacture solid, steel tornado shelters and take every necessary step to ensure your shelter is of the highest quality installed with professional service at the most affordable price.

For more information about our individual tornado shelters, visit the Tornado Shelters page, or click here.

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Underground Tornado Shelter Garage Unit

Tornado Safe Underground Garage Shelters

Convenience is the key when it comes to safety during a storm.  Our underground tornado shelters are unique because they can be installed in your garage and don’t require the use of valuable square footage.  Also, TornadoSafe shelters are out of the weather and out of harm’s way. Installation typically takes between 4-8 hrs depending on the size.

Above Ground Tornado Shelter Unit

Tornado Safe Above-Ground Steel Shelters

Our above ground storm shelters are taking the market by storm! As a manufacturer we engineer, test and meet the strictest quality standards while offering competitive prices in any Oklahoma, Texas or other neighboring area. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from a 3 person to a 16 person unit and are fully powder coated.

Slope Front Tornado Shelter Unit

Tornado Safe In-Ground Slope Front Shelters

Our below ground concrete slope front tornado shelters are engineered, tested and meet the highest quality standards at a competitive price. We use all of the excess dirt around the shelter as a berm to provide extra protection. This unit comes in 3 sizes, the small 5′ x 7′ x 6’2, medium 6′ x 8′ x 6’2 and the large 6’8 x 10 x 6’2. A boom truck is needed for all 3 units, so there will need to be a minimum of 9′ wide and 13′ height of clearance.

Flat top Underground Tornado Shelter

Tornado Safe In-Ground Flat Top Shelters

Our below ground concrete flat top shelters are an excellent choice for those who want a shelter without the berm that the slope front unit provides. We remove all of the excess dirt from the installation at no additional charge. This unit comes in 2 sizes, medium 5′ x 7′ x 6’2 and the large 6’8 x 10 x 6’2. A boom truck is needed for large unit, so there will need to be a minimum of 9’W and 13’H of clearance. If you have a really tight area that neither the boom truck or full size backhoe can get to, we can install the small with a mini excavator.

Now offering OU and OSU custom lids!

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*Underground Garage Units Only

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